Friday, October 5, 2012

Fused Glass Garage Workshop

The Navy moved us from Okinawa, Japan to Jacksonville, Florida this past summer.  It seems like it takes so long to get settled each time we move.  But, we are settled and my new shop is mostly complete.  I now have half of our garage and I love it!

Fused Cast Glass Workshop by flutterbybutterfly flutterbyfoto
Fused Glass Workshop

I bought this amazing 8 foot work table from Craigslist.  It is constructed from pipes and metal and there are these really cool seats that swing out from underneath.  I bought the table from a local appliance store that was remodeling their break room.  The previous owner said it was a lunch table from an old steel mill.

Fused Cast Glass Workshop Seat by flutterbybutterfly flutterbyfoto
Worktable Swing-out Seat

Here is a photo of my new kiln - I even drove to JenKen in Lakeland, Fl to pick it up.  This kiln is a huge upgrade from my previous Bonnie Glo, I mean literally a huge upgrade!  This kiln has a feature that will determine cost per run and I'm really curious to see how much electricity I use.

Jen Ken Glass Kiln by flutterbybutterfly flutterbyfoto
My New Giant Jen Ken Glass Kiln

I also have a permanent place for my torch and plenty of room for glass storage!  Now I just need to get started!

Mega Minor Glass lampwork Bead Torch by flutterbybutterfly flutterbyfoto
Mega Minor Glass Torch

Fused Glass Storage by flutterbybutterfly flutterbyfoto
Workshop Storage for Glass Sheets, Frit and Tools