Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Moving Back to the US! Yeah!

The past 5 years has seen us living in Sicily, then in Okinawa and back to the east coast of the US. A Navy move is never easy and definitely not an international move with an 85 pound dog during a global epidemic. 

We are getting settled in Williamsburg, Virginia and as we wait the 3 months for our crates of stuff to arrive, I thought I would sketch some of the old buildings in Richmond, Virginia. I spent some time making a waterproof palette guide for my colors and tucked into the top of my travel tin. I'm a beginner and it helps me to keep track of my colors mixes.

Watercolor Painting Palette Color Organization Handmade Sharon Warren FluterbyButterfly FlutterbyFoto Painting
My organized and labeled watercolor palette.

Richmond is about an hour's drive from our house and where our daughter will be going to college. It is such a nice city and just the right size for walking. It is filled with tons of older buildings perfect for sketching. The streets are mostly empty and those people that I see are wearing masks due to the pandemic. I thought to include some of them, but it seems depressing and timely.

Urban Sketch Watercolor Painting West Franklin Street Alley Richmond Virginia Building Home Historic Handmade Sharon Warren FluterbyButterfly FlutterbyFoto Painting
An alley off West Franklin Street

917 West Grace Street

Here is to more art and less stress!

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