Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dragonfly Iris Fused Glass Antique Window with Dragonflies

Crisp white irises climb out of clump grasses as dragonflies dart about and come to rest, framed in an antique window frame.  

Fused Glass Iridescent Dragonfly and Iris Antique Recycled Window
Fused Glass Dragonfly and Iris set in Antique Window

Here is another photo of the same fused glass window in different lighting.  Each panel has a mottled texture reminiscent of hand blown glass windows.

Finished Fused Glass Antique Recycled Window with Iridescent Dragonflies and Irises by flutterbybutterfly
Finished Fused Glass Window

In Florida, irises grow like weeds.  These flowers are set around retention ponds in just about every housing development.  The local dragonflies come in so many colors, from electric blue to a bright fire engine red.  My fused glass dragonflies have transparent iridescent bluish purple wings that flash rainbow when the light catches.

Fused Glass Iridescent Dragonfly Dragonflies by flutterbybutterfly
Fused Glass Dragonfly Darts Past

I created this window from an original drawing that was inspired by my photos.  After stripping and sanding the antique window frame, I wanted to just through caution to the window and let my creativity take hold - to just cut the glass and let the images flow forth.  It didn't happen.  I couldn't bring myself to even cut the smallest piece of glass without a solid plan completely formed.  I want to be spur of the moment but I am a planner.  I know what I am making for dinner before I even eat breakfast.  No surprises for me.  So here is the very conscious process of creation for my irises.

Fused Glass Iris Evolution the Creative Process by flutterbybutterfly
The Evolution of a Fused Glass Iris

I started with my iPhone iris photo and sketched the flower on graph paper.  I like graph paper because it is easier to scale items in relation to the space and to each other.  Then I hand cut each petal in shades in Bullseye white glass and placed hand pulled green variegated stems.  After arranging and re-arranging I flipped the flower and added Bullseye glass frit and powder for shading and interest.  I repeated the blues from the water at the base of the piece and some of the iridescent purple from the wings.

Fused Glass Iris in Antique Wooden Window Frame Recycled Upcycled flutterbybutterfly
Fused Glass Iris with Bullseye Frit Detail

Here is another close-up of an iris in different lighting.  I love how the colors change hue as the lighting changes.  Each fused glass iris is unique as is each dragonfly.  This finished window hangs from a set of heavy duty Aanraku roll hooks and brass chain.