Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fused Glass Dragonfly Suncatcher Ornament

A fused glass dragonfly with a shimmery iridescent body hovers for just a fleeting moment. 

It is difficult for me to be creative during the holidays.  From Halloween to New Year's Eve, there always seems to be a rush to do something more.  I've missed using my imagination and my hands to create something unique.  Since the dragonfly form lends itself to simple contours, it is the perfect project to find a moment of calm.

fused glass dragonfly flutterbybutterfly ornament suncatcher violet purple transparent bullseye flutterbybutterfly
Fused Glass Dragonfly on a Transparent Violet Bullseye Glass Background

I drew this dragonfly with a mid century modern simplicity and a calligraphy swoop along the length of its body.

fused glass dragonfly flutterbybutterfly ornament suncatcher bullseye cut squares
Transparent Bullseye Glass in Rich Colors

This project is about the color and the transparency.  I chose four rich transparent or cathedral glass sheets from Bullseye and layered each with a white streaky square of the same size.  The bodies were cut from a shimmery, rainbow iridescent sheet and the wings from a white iridescent sheet. 

fused glass dragonfly flutterbybutterfly ornament suncatcher bullseye before firing jenken
Fused Glass Dragonflies Before Firing in My JenKen Kiln

These sun catchers were fired to a full fuse with a short hold so the finished dragonfly would be almost flush with the background.  They are almost ready to hang in the window.