Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dichroic Scarab Beetle Iridescent Green Pot Melt Fused Glass Tile Plate Disk

A scarab beetle dressed in a metallic green and blue dichroic shell.  His pink gold body sits atop a glass round of flowing shades of green with a hint of white.

scarab beetle fused glass finished dichroic pot melt tile dish flutterbyfoto flutterbybutterfly
Fused Glass Dichroic Scarab Beetle

The beetle's rainbow iridescence shifts as the angle of light changes creating a variety of colors within.

scarab beetle fused glass color dichroic shift 45 angle flutterbyfoto flutterbybutterfly
Fused Glass Dichroic Scarab Beetle Color Shift

To create the art glass base for the beetle, I filled a terra cotta planter from Home Depot with scrap transparent and opaque shades of green and white Bullseye glass.  The pot is balanced on strips cut from a kiln shelf.  When the glass scrap is heated to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, the glass flows out of the pot's drainage hole and spreads to fill the terra cotter saucer.

pot melt fused glass terra cot kiln wash saucer jenken kiln flutterbyfoto flutterbybutterfly
Bullseye Fused Glass Single Hole Pot Melt

I love pot melts.  It is an amazing way to incorporate movement and flow into a piece.  Each finished glass round is completely unique and full swirling color.

pot melt fused glass finished disk round rainbow color flutterbyfoto flutterbybutterfly
Finished Fused Glass Pot Melts in a Rainbow of Colors

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