Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stingray Christmas Ornament Fused Glass Suncatcher

This year Cece and I decided to make each of her four teachers a stingray suncatcher ornament for a holiday gift.  A stingray is her elementary school mascot.  Here's a photo of the finished ornament.

Fused Glass Stingray Christmas Ornament Suncatcher
Fused Glass Stingray Christmas Ornament Suncatcher

Cece likes to help create the teacher gifts and I love that she still likes to make things with me.  To create the stingray, we first drew the black outline with liquid glass squeezed out of a craft syringe.  The liquid glass is actually black powdered glass mixed with cellulose gum.  Cece then filled the inside of the stingray with a mix of purple and lavender glass frit in assorted sizes.  The outside of the suncatcher was filled in with a mix of blues.  A glass hook was added in a second firing.

Fused Glass Stingray Christmas Ornament Suncatcher Creation
Cece adding glass frit to a stingray.

It is hard to know what your child's teachers really want.  I do know each teacher receives more trinkets that they could possibly keep and that they would probably appreciate gift cards more than stuff.  So I hope they enjoy the sentiment behind the gift and we'll get them gift cards at the end of the year.

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