Sunday, May 10, 2009

My daughter's school has an auction every year to raise money for extras. This year they decided each grade should donate a basket to the event. Most grades pooled their money and purchased a big ticket item like a camera or a game boy, first grade did not. People just sent in random gift certificates with no particular theme in mind. Mostly, parents sent in restaurant gift cards so the only common thread was go out and have a good time. Here's the finished basket.

I love it. I know it's not really a basket, but it's just so cute. An entire paper kitchen, even down to the milk in the refrigerator. My daughter loved it, here are her Calico Critters enjoying breakfast. Very interesting that the groom is reading while the bride is having a conversation.

It wasn't very hard to make the kitchen, just very time consuming. Each item had to be cut out, scored, folded, and then glued - but it was so worth it. I sandwiched shirt cardboard between the inside and outside walls and the floor for a better structure and I decided to leave the roof off because there wasn't enough light in the room.

This kitchen was a free pdf from this great website Paper Museum with all these different paper items to print out and put together. The website is in Japanese, but the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. There are so many rooms to print out and if you click on the icons in the left menu, like the fork or the bus, there are even more things to print out and put together! Very exciting if you are me.

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