Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We decided to spend Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend kayaking at Munden Point Park in Virginia Beach. The weather said 10% chance of showers, but it drizzled for most of the time we were out. We put in at the canoe dock and paddled to the right. Cece finally decided to be more than just a passenger - such concentration.

We paddled in and out of cypress filled inlets much like Horn Point. It was very nice and very quiet. There were wild irises blooming all along the waterline.

We also saw some yellow primrose. I love that it grows in the smallest amount of dirt just nestled between the tree roots.

This turtle let us get so close. I know turtles aren't that unique, but to see creatures in their natural habitat feels like you are being let in on a secret that no one else takes the time to notice.

A kayak update. It's framed - twice. For a more detatiled update check MyKayakDiary.

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