Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 14 Glass Powder Sgraffito Challenge

The challenge for day 14 is to draw a sketch of something that frightens you, but make it fun.  The fear part I understood, the make it fun part I kind of missed.  My fear is of the unknown, worrying about things I can't change and planning for things I can't control.

We are a navy family and are thinking about our eighth move in 17 years.  We have been overseas twice and will hopefully transfer to Europe this June.   I'm excited to see the new cities but I really don't enjoy the packing and unpacking and then finding the new school and grocery store and vet and even friends.  I stress over all the changes and forget the good surprises that wait.  This sketch is all the stress and anxiety I feel waiting to move and not knowing what to expect.  The jellyfish are the good things just swimming below all the rough water and simply moving with the flow, calm and oblivious to any chaos.  

glass powder bullseye sgraffito fused frit painting fear unknown moving alone art flutterbybutterfly flutterbyfoto day 14
Glass Powder Painting Sketch of my Fear

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